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Coordinate Your Wardrobe!

Turn a T-shirt into an ensemble by getting a coordinating bib! Order any T-shirt, and get the same design on a bib for half-price (that's only $6!).

(If you've ordered more than one shirt, but only want one bib, please tell us in the "Special Instructions" slot on the shopping cart which one you wanted.)

Matching Bib Special


Grab Bag!
Leave your wardrobe in the hands of the Fates...

Sometimes we end up with things that aren't quite like the standard catalog items. They can either end up in a big box, or we can send them out to you to enjoy. Things we might have include:

-A variant version of one of our designs, like Bast on a purple background instead of brick, or a black-and-white version of one of our designs on tie-dye.

-A test we did, such as something that was washed once (but not worn) to see how it would hold up, or something that used a different shirt or transfer process than the usual.

-Something that isn't quite what we intended, but is pretty neat, like a tie-dye that shrunk too much in the dye process. (We'll send it for the size it ended up, even if the tag says it's bigger.)

-A cool commercial design that we bought but decided not to sell when we launched.

-Shirts with small defects, like a doubled transfer, a small tear or fold in the design, or a slightly crooked placement.

-Something perfectly normal that we just ended up with too much of by mistake.

Surprise yourself at a bargain price -- $9.99 for shirts, $6.99 for bibs. Fun!  (No exchanges on Grab Bag items.)

Grab Bag!


Keep checking back at this page for seasonal specials and more discounts on slightly imperfect or overstock items.

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