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Vicki Bloom is a corporate beverage scientist turned stay-at-home pagan mom, and 2 year old Rhys is the inspiration for this transformation.

I was unhappy with the baby clothing available in the big stores: blue with dump trucks for boys, pink with kitties for girls, and yellow with duckies if you really didn't want to color-code your kids by gender. I wanted something more in line with our family's style: something quirky, ethically made, and just a little off the mainstream.

I couldn't find what I wanted, so I pulled together some artist friends and we made it ourselves. Now we're sending it out into the world. We hope these designs will tickle your imagination as much as they do ours.

Rhys and Vicki live in New York with our daddy/husband Bard, our cat Omaha, seven snakes, and a variety of imaginary friends.




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